Who are we?

Research Nepal is a pioneering organization as a leading research publication house beyond the boarder registered in Nepal-a beautiful Himalayan country with stunning snowcapped mountains and Mt. Everest. It conducts multidisciplinary researches and publishes the findings in a peer-reviewed research journal entitled " Research Nepal Journal of Development Studies". We invite scholars, researchers and students who want to conduct any kind of research on any topic in Nepal. We train, guide and involve them in field as well as deskwork. We explore research activities through our research journal. Thus, Research Nepal is a focal point of research Activities and researchers all over the world.

Nepal is a new federal south Asian, economically backward country with many socio-cultural and natural potentialities. It requires a wide range of research and studies in every sector. Therefore, it needs many researchers from around the world to conduct multidisciplinary researches. The research work will be a guideline, or a principle, or a theory, or a Meta theory or a doctrine and a useful source of literature review of further research and it facilitates decisions making and policy formulation. Being the insufficient resources, Nepalese academic institutions are not being able to conduct the proper studies. Therefore, we essentially need a wide range of new researches in every field of society, culture, economy, development, public policy, health, education and many more.

Research Nepal always welcomes the researchers and students from all the colleges, universities and the world to conduct researches, fieldwork assignments, thesis, proposals, reports and dissertation. We help, train, guide, proposals, reports and dissertation. We help, train, guide and assist them in their beautiful Himalayan trips and trek fieldwork and deskwork with modern internet facilities at our Center. Indirectly the researches can feel,see and touch the culture, society, economic pattern and stunning views of high Himalayas with Mt. Everest.