Enrich research culture through Exploration of Knowledge with International peer-reviewed research Journal publication.


  • Network and involvement of Scholars (Intellectuals, Doctors and Professors)
  • Network of Research Institutions and Universities
  • Formation of Teams of the Peer Reviewers
  • Training and Workshops on Research Methodology
  • Organizing Conferences and Seminars


  • Conduct multidisciplinary researches in Nepal
  • Train, guide and assist the researchers in every aspect of research activities
  • Form an international federation of researches, experts and scholars
  • Establish a reference library for Literature Review
  • Assist to prepare project assignments
  • Organize educational tours and guide the field work researchers
  • Assist to prepare proposals, thesis, reports and research articles
  • Publish the research work through peer-reviewed research journal- Research Nepal

Objectives (Activities)

  • National and international researches' research trip management
  • Educational tours and trips to develop as a complete mini-reserch tour
  • Training on complete thesis writing from proposal development, field work to research report/article writing
  • Third party monitoring, evaluation, survey and research
  • Research article writing, editing, training and publishing
  • Educational training on PhD preparation courses
  • Free PhD counseling about Universities and scholarships
  • Graduate Record Examination (GRE) preparation class with extra scientific writing classes from national and international experts for international Master, MPhil or PhD researchers.
  • Training on logical reasoning, critical thinking and scientific writing
  • Other educational trainings.