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Submission of Research Article

1. Articles for submission must be in English. They must be original and not previously published in any other journals either in printed or in electronic form (e.g. cutline). They also should not be under a review for publication in any journal.

2. Submission must include a cover page that bears the author's name, and resume of the author, title of the article desirably with 12 words and an abstract with key words. The name of the author should not appear in any part of the article.

3. The articles must be within 3,000 to 6,000 words, including illustrations, graphs, and charts; must be double spaced or 1.5-line space. Both a hard and soft copy of the file in MS Word using 12-point Times New Romans font must be sent to the address indicated below.

4. Articles must follow the APA guidelines

5. The Authors/Researcher will be responsible and accountable for their views or statements therefore, the articles published in the journal do not reflect the views or policies of the Editorial Committee.

6. If the contributor is found guilty of or charged with plagiarism the contributor shall be responsible.

7. The journal follows a blind submission policy and articles will namelessly be reviewed by peers.

8. Drawings, photographs, slides, tables, charts, maps, etc., must be numbered and the sources listed.

9. The decision of the Editorial Board will be the final, acceptance or reject for.

10. Author should follow the suggestions given by the peer reviewers, editorial board or chief editor.

11. The copyright of the Article will be preserved on Research Nepal.

Email address for article submission: